Choosing The Best
Walking Shoes For You!

Ah yes - the elusive search for your best walking shoes. How do you find them? What's the secret?

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1. Shoe Types - The Big Picture
2. Pick Your Right Shoe Type
3. Successful Shoe Fit
4. Need A Foot Orthotic?
5. Shoe Care Tips

In a nutshell it's pretty simple. In fact it is so simple that you really have to do it thoroughly only once - THE FIRST TIME!

NOTE: This page guides you through everything you should look at when you are deciding on the right shoe for your needs. 

It details over 20 factors to consider when choosing the right walking shoes for you. If you already know exactly what you want to buy then just go straight to our

Best Rated Walking Shoes

The 'Secret' Revealed!

The big secret? SIMPLY BE FULLY INFORMED! Do what over 75% of shoe buyers* don't do? A little simple homework!

Choose the right type and best fitting walking shoes for YOUR walking! Shoes that are comfortable and are 'just right' for you! Shoes that don't hurt!

Well fitted shoes DO NOT NEED a breaking in period! That is a myth. Do it right and you're good to go 'right out of the box'.

The first time you do it is a bit of work. Second time it's a breeze. Do it right and reward yourself. More enjoyable and comfortable walking, very happy feet. Great stuff!

*Read more about this in our Foot Pain section

The Big Picture (Back to Top)

Match your walking style and location with the best walking shoes designed for them. Do you walk in the heat or cold? Wet or dry conditions? One season or many seasons? City sidewalks, bike paths, nature trails, riverside, dockside or on the beach? Well you get the idea. (more).

Pick Your Right Shoe Type (Back to Top)

Now that you've checked out The Big Picture it's time to narrow your search. You want to look at shoes designed for your specific activities.

Find out what to look for in each type. You decide which type(s) you need and make your notes. This is the 'reading' part. Read them all or or jump to those that interest you. But please do read. Your feet will thank you many times over!

Types Of Shoes

Types of Specialized Shoes

Successful Shoe Fit - 4 Easy Steps (Back to Top)

IMPORTANT! Please read these four very important sections. You can do right what 75% of shoe buyers do wrong. Get your shoes to fit properly!

Get to know your feet thoroughly. Understand your unique foot details. Measure your foot fully AND properly. The heel to longest toe length. Your heel to ball (arch) length and your foot width. Learn how to prioritize these measurements. Understand the anatomy of your foot. Understand the importance of choosing the right socks for your walking.

Take your time here. These pages are loaded with great tips!

  1. Great Shoe Fit 'Secrets'
  2. Measure Your Foot Properly
  3. Shoe Lacing Tips
  4. Walking Socks, Hiking Socks - The Finishing Touch

Do You Need A Foot Orthotic or Shoe Support?> (Back to Top)

Learn how to pick the right type of technical support for your foot. Figure out whether you even need a foot orthotic. (more)

Shoe Care Tips (Back to Top)

You've made a major investment in good shoes. Now is a great time to learn how to look after them properly. Get the most comfort, performance and longevity from them. You deserve it. Have a look here.


You've found how to get, fit and care for your best walking shoes. A bit of work the first time. A lot easier the next time. Promise!

Time now to check out our picks for Best Rated Walking Shoes.

Happy Trails!

Top of Choosing Your Best Walking Shoes

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