Nordic Walking Shoes

First off, you're going to find that choosing nordic walking shoes is going to be really tough!

Why? Because you aren't likely going to find too many shoes actually called Nordic Walking Shoes!

This is still an area where there are very limited 'activity specific' choices. More on that in a moment but first a bit more about what nordic walking is!

Nordic Walking...

... is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities today. It's been popular in Europe for quite some time. Now it's moved in to North America in a really big way.

We love it! It's a natural progression. Sort of 'the next step' as you walk more. Learn a whole lot more about it in the Nordic Pole Walking section.

So there's a lot of buzz around it. You'll hear the term used often. Naturally you might think that if you want to go nordic walking you'd go looking for Nordic Walking Shoes. Right?

Well, apart from a handful of limited distribution brands in a couple of countries in Europe, there really is little specific choice in North America.

Finding Shoes Suitable For Nordic Walking

Never fear. There are certainly other shoes suitable for nordic walking. We suggest you start by looking in the 'sporty' or athletic shoe area, possibly in the Trail Running Shoe section.

Our focus for good nordic walking shoes is on the Blom Model Trail Running Shoes from ECCO. These shoes provide good characteristics that are nicely suited for nordic walking.

We are also aware of a shoe called the Inov-8 Rocklite Nordic Walking Shoe. We no longer list this shoe because we have not found an affiliate supplier who is able to ship this shoe internationally. It is made in the UK and not very common in North America.

ECCO Trail Running Shoes for Nordic Walking

ECCO Women's Trail Running Shoes
ECCO Men's Trail Running Shoes

ECCO Women's

Trail Running Shoes

ECCI Men's

Trail Running Shoes

One of Yoko's fave nordic walking shoes was the ECCO Receptor RXP shoe. Unfortunately that model is no longer made. However the ECCO Trail Running Shoes shown above are a great alternative. You'd look pretty good in full stride in these wouldn't you!

When you nordic walk, you tend to have a little longer stride. As you push off your back foot, your toes are going to bend a bit more because of it. You will appreciate the extra zip or spring to your step as you walk...and not having to fight a too stiff sole with poor flex.

Keep in mind that once you are 'into' Nordic Walking, you are going to be making about 6,000 steps an hour.

You want to find breathable mesh uppers for the drier, warmer seasons. Once you start to nordic walk you soon find yourself wanting to keep going. Good cooling and ventilation are always good things to have when you do!

As the weather turns wetter and colder you probably want shoes with waterproof (Goretex type) uppers.

if you plan on walking at dusk or night, make sure you find shoes with reflective accents on them. Safety is always recommended!

Good Socks Make ALL The Difference!

A good pair of walking socks with a high wool content will help keep your feet warmer on those cool days. They will also prevent shear and shock damage to your feet. Properly designed socks will add greatly to your nordic walking enjoyment. Check out our Thorlos Socks page for much more valuable information.

So, a quick summary

When selecting nordic walking shoes for you, you're looking for:

  • good stability. You don't want a lot of 'roil' in the shoe
  • lightweight.
  • good ventilation or 'breathability'
  • good heel fit
  • a strong sole
  • good sole flexibility that allows you to get a good 'push' with each step

Great good luck with your quest and do enjoy your time Nordic Walking!

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