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Are you ready for spring? 

Time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh smells and colours of spring with a walk in your new pair of shoes! We find it sure adds to our enjoyment of the new walking season. 

Have a look at our personal picks for best rated walking shoes and socks. They are based on years of our own personal experience. Shoes and socks we wear, know and love! They are all proven performers. 

Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of each section to get our full background story as to why we recommend each brand.

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One of our all time favorite shoes. Soid, reliable and very fun to wear. Perfect fit right out of the box. 

Note: trying to find ECCO walking shoes on sale can be challenging. Your best bet is to look for end of season lines - i.e. search for summer shoes as winter is starting.

ECCO Women's Walking Shoes

ECCO Woen's Walking Shoes
ECCO Women's Walking Sandals

ECCO Women's

Walking Shoes

ECCO Women's

Walking Sandals

ECCO Men's Shoes

ECCO Men's Walking Shoes
ECCO Men's Walking Sandals

ECCO Men's

Walking Shoes

ECCO Men's 

Walking Sandals

Find out Why We Love Our ECCO Walking Shoes!


Keen Shoes have earned our respect and admiration over the last 10 years. Innovative, comfortable, rugged and durable.

Note: Finding KEEN Shoes On Sale is usually pretty easy. Look for the little RED SALE Banner.

KEEN Women's Footwear

KEEN Women's Walking Shoes
KEEN Women's Walking Sandals
KEEN Women's Water Shoes

KEEN Women's

Walking Shoes

KEEN Women's

 Walking Sandals

KEEN Women's

 Water Shoes

KEEN Men's Footwear

KEEN Men's Walking Shoes
KEEN Men's Walking Sandals
KEEN Men's Water Shoes

KEEN Men's 

Walking Shoes

KEEN Men's 

Walking Sandals

KEEN Men's 

Water Shoes

Why we are so keen on Keen Footwear.


Mephisto Footwear is simply 'The Best'. Exceptional quaility, comfort and craftsmanship. Geoff's Mephistos are almost 10 years old and still look brand new!

Mephisto Women's Footwear

Mephisto Women's Walking Shoes
Mephisto Women's Walking Sandals

Mephisto Women's

Walking Shoes

Mephisto Women's 

Walking Sandals

Mephisto Men's Footwear

Mephisto Men's Walking Shoes
Mephisto Men's Walking Sandals

Mephisto Men's 

Walking Shoes

Mephisto Men's 

Walking Sandals

Discover more about Mephisto Walking Shoes - The Cadillac of Shoes


One of the true unsung heroes of outdoor shoes and not well known outside the rugged mountaineering, trail running  crowd. Make no mistake this, this venerable American company has super shoes for great walking too.

Note: You will have good luck finding some Vasque shoes on sale from time to time. They only make one high quality level so watch for end of season clear outs.

VASQUE Walking Shoes & Boots

Vasque Womens Walking Shoes
Vasque Men's Walking Shoes

Vasque Women's

Walking Shoes

Vasque Men's

Walking Shoes

Discover Vasque Shoes - The Outdoor Thoroughbred



By popular demand, we are now including this category of shoes on this page for your convenience. As noted on our Nordic Walking page there are no shoes currently made specifically for nordic walking. 

Our focus is on the ECCO Blom Model Trail Running Shoes from ECCO. These shoes provide a well rounded set of characteristics that are nicely suited to nordic walking. 

We are also aware of a shoe called the Inov-8 Rocklite Nordic Walking Shoe. We no longer list this shoe because we have not found an affiliate supplier who is able to ship this shoe internationally. It is made in the UK and not very common in North America.

ECCO Trail Running Shoes for Nordic Walking

ECCO Krypton Women's Trail Running Shoe
ECCO Blom Trail GTX 1.2 Men's

ECCO Women's

Nordic Walking

ECCO Men's

Nordic Walking

Read much more on our Nordic Walking Shoes page.


Thorlo Socks

NEW! By special arrangement with Thorlo Socks, you can now buy your Thorlo socks online directly from the Thorlo Socks Factory Outlet in North Carolina. Take direct advantage of all their excellent knowledge, understanding and expertise. Click on any of the sock links below to do so.


FREE CONSULTATION You're welcome to consult directly with Susan Graham, their therapeutic sock specialist in all matters of foot health, foot care, proper sock selection and fit. Susan will take as long as it takes to ensure you're properly cared for.

You can reach Susan directly toll free at

*800-438-0286, ext 7254, 8-5 EST Mon-Fri.

Email: sugraham@thorlo.com

Be sure to let her know that Yoko & Geoff sent you. 

*NOTE: This is Susan's private, direct line for our visitors and not the public number on their website.

Here are just two of over 30 types of activity specific socks made by Thorlo. These socks will make your feet feel great and your walks so much more enjoyable. Be sure to fully read the descriptions to better understand each custom design.

NOTE: Be sure to click on the picture of an individual sock. There is a whole lot more valuable information there along with what other users of that exact model think.

NOTE 2: For more choice by activity type, be sure to click on the THORLO word under the brief paragraph at the top of the page for an expanded list of categories.

Thorlo Walking Socks

"These socks are designed to help protect your feet from the damaging forces of impact, shear and blistering that are common to walking.". (Thorlos)

Thorlo Walking Socks

When you first visit the Thorlos Walking Socks page, click on the "Learn More' link in the description. You'll really appreciate what goes into creating the Thorlo Walking Sock magic.

Thorlo Running Socks

"Running Thorlos are designed to help protect your feet from the damaging forces of impact, shear and blistering that are common to running".

Note: we include running socks as well. This is for those of you that are very fit and also do some running AND for those of you that need extra padding that you may find beneficial for your feet.

Thorlo Running Sock

Thorlo Running Socks are great if you are doing some running or if you want to use a sock with even more padding. Again don't forget to click on the 'Learn More' link for the complete story on these popular socks

Thorlo Specialty Socks

Should you suffer from arthritis foot or diabetes foot issues, the specialists at Thorlo may have suggestions for you as well. Because of the specialized nature of these socks, they are available by personal request only and not displayed on their website. Take advantage of their ...

FREE CONSULTATION You're welcome to consult directly with Susan Graham, their sock specialist in all matters of foot health, foot care, specialized sock selection and fit. She specializes in socks for diabetes and arthritis foot conditions.

Susan will take as long as it takes to ensure you're properly cared for. 

You can reach Susan directly on her toll free at 800-438-0286, ext 7254, 8-5 EST Monday-Friday You can also reach her by email at sugraham@thorlo.com to have your personal foot care needs looked after. Susan is just a super person to work with.

Be sure to tell her Yoko & Geoff sent you :-)

Visit our NEW & UPDATED Thorlo Socks - A Love Story page for a lot more information and guidance for these exceptional socks!

All Done?

Great! Enjoy your new walking shoes. Happy feet make for happy walking!

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