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ECCO Walking Shoes
Why Do We Love Thee So?

Let us count the ways!

OK. OK. We know. A little corny! BUT...

ECCO Walking Shoes are shoes we really do love.

Here's why.

  • Fit! We love the way they fit - right out of the box. When our feet here 'No breaking in required' they are really happy old feet. We're off and walking right now!
  • Our ECCO Shoes give our toes lots of 'wiggle room' to move around in. They get to enjoy their space and 'meet the neighbours'. No crowding, pushing or shoving. Toe heaven!
  • What? Lots of 'wiggle' room? How the heck can they fit great if our toes 'wiggle while we walk'? This didn't make a whole lot of sense. It turns out that the snugness of fit comes from how the shoe fits around our ankle and 'over the top' of our foot - not how they fit around the toes.

    (HINT: this tip applies to all shoes, not just the ECCO shoe).

  • We love our ECCO Shoes because they're so darn well made. Quality just feels better. By now we think we deserve to feel better. Don't you?

    In fact I (Geoff) still remember the time I got my first pair of ECCO shoes almost 10 years ago (Flexor Model). I was almost tingling when I opened the box (and for the record, old farts over 65 don't usually 'tingle'!) Those shoes are still going strong and I still love the feel each time I pick them up.
  • We also like the fact that ECCO uses a techie thing called 'direct injection'. They fuse the shoe tops to the bottoms. They don't leak, they don't come apart, they're very light and flexible. Fogies like us like a lighter shoe!
  • Is it OK to say we love how they smell? Yes, really! (OK, dear - 'aroma' if you insist). Their special custom leather, super soles, the 'inners' - they just exude that 'we're special' air. Most comforting! 
  • So what about 'putting our money where our feet are'? We do in fact each own several pair of ECCO Shoes, ECCO Sandals, ECCO Trail Running Shoes, ECCO Casual Shoes - all kinds of ECCO Footwear. Does that tell you something? 
  • Oh yes, before we 'retired' from our day jobs we sold great walking shoes on line and in a retail store. Our customers loved them too. You can be pretty sure at least one of us is wearing an ECCO shoe every day.
  • One last little thing. We really feel great when we go walking in them! Our feet are happy. We're happy, we walk taller and proud!

ECCO? What's an ECCO?

In a nutshell Karl Toosbury established this very innovative and passionate shoe making company in Bredebro, Denmark back in 1963 under the name of Eccolet Sko. Now you can find their shoes just about everywhere.

You're welcome to read a whole lot more about ECCO and their history here

Ready To Test Walk ECCO Walking Shoes?

If  you're like us and enjoy the convenience of online shopping just click here. Great convenience right from your computer. Free Shipping. Free Returns! 

You can also buy ECCO walking shoes in many countries. Usually in better shoe stores. In some of the larger centres you'll even find stores that sell only ECCO shoes.

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