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Our Best Rated Walking Shoes & Socks

Our picks for the best rated walking shoes and sokcs. We wear them, sell them and know them well.

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Our Web Business, Our "Baby'

Our web business, our 'baby' has quite literally been a life changed experience. Our global community of over 45,000 merchants committed to helping each other is a godsend!

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About Us

Two old bogies with a lifetime of walking experience share their extensive and diverse knowledge to help others enjoy life too.

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Home Leaving

Home Leaving “But do not ask me where I am going, As I travel in this limitless world, Where every step I take is my home.” (As translated in The Zen

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Do Your Walking Programs Work If I Go Slower?

I love your page and love your workouts. I want to start your Level 2 Program. I can walk the 60 minutes a day but have to go slower - I can only do

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