50 Plus Fitness Walking
Walk & Feel Great ... Again!

Senior Women Walking

Do you know that a good fitness walking program can start you on your way to being more energized, healthy and happy? Whether you're 50 plus - or 50 plus plus like us?

You're entering the prime of your life. It's time to put a little fun into it with fitness walking programs designed specifically for us 'more senior' types.

You've probably heard from your doctor that walking gives you many benefits. Not only do you get more fit and healthy, you also get MORE ENERGY, start to look MORE YOUTHFUL and start to see some BODY SHAPE appear.

You also find you have BETTER BALANCE as you go about your cleaning chores. Suddenly you notice FLEXIBILITY you thought had vanished forever.

Your posture is more upright. You start to discover STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE.

Activities you've only watched others do for a long time now appear to be in reach.

Before you know it and without thinking, you're becoming HEALTHIER AND MORE FIT!


... to start feeling HEALTHIER and HAPPIER? Just pick your starting point and enjoy the journey to better fitness and health.

"I Just Want To Get Walking NOW!"

50plus-Women Walking

Is this you? Super! Let's get right to it.

You're in pretty good shape. You do a bit of walking now. You're ready to do more. A great place for you to start is our Level 2 Fitness Walking Program.

Got A Few Aches And Pains?

Women Walking With Cane

You know that walking can really help you but you just need to deal with a few aches and pains first. No problem.

Our Level 1 Fitness Walking Program can help you get started in a safe way to better fitness.

"What Are The Best Walking Shoes?"

Women's Walking Shoes

You just want info on walking shoes. What are the best ones? How do you decide what to pick? How to fit them? Care for them? Learn how here. This includes 'normal' shoes as well as speciality arthritis and diabetes shoes.

"What About My Feet?"

Bare Feet On Grass

Got a question about your feet? This is the place for you to start - whether it's about foot care, foot bathing, foot massage, foot anatomy, ionic foot detox and more. Look after your main 'walking equipment'.

"I Need Some Walking Inspiration"

Senior Women Walking On Track

Read stories from our readers that can inspire you, intrigue you and amuse you. Feel free to share your tales too here. Everything from unique adventures to amazing recoveries from surgery to overcoming diabetes.

Not Quite Sure?

Yes, it happens. Take a peek here to see everything at a glance. It just might inspire you and help you decide what interests you the most.

Happy Walking!

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