Fitness Walking Tips

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A few quick fitness walking tips that can help make your walking experience safer, more enjoyable, productive and ... FUN!

(Why not make a note in your walking journal to check back here from time to time just to refresh your memory).

SPECIAL NOTE: You should have read and started one of the Fitness Walking Programs before proceeding with this page. These tips work together with those programs.

Let's go!

  • Set Your Goal and KEEP IT SIMPLE! Remember why you're walking - to feel better, lose weight, improve your heart health, reduce stress, etc. - whatever brought you here. That must be important to you!
  • Make A Plan - Set a time for your walk. Have your route planned. Follow it! Something this simple can actually make you feel even better at the end of your walk. "I said I would do it and I did it. Yeah!".
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  • Be Safe. Walk with a friend. Avoid really uneven ground or cracked and heaved sidewalks. Find softer ground rather than harder - gravel vs. concrete. Observe all traffic laws.

    Be visible. Wear bright clothing, vests, reflective bands on your hat if you are walking in reduced light conditions. Make eye contact with drivers when your paths cross. Walk facing oncoming traffic when there's no sidewalks. Carry personal identification and medical emergency info with you.
  • Warm Up & Cool Down Properly - IMPORTANT - Those muscles aren't getting any younger. They need warming up before you start! We suggest these Stretching Exercises and Chair Exercisee before you begin your daily walks.
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  • Wear Proper Walking Shoes Well fitting footwear that matches your type of walking is really important! So important that we've dedicated a in depth section to it to help you find the best walking shoes. It's a bit lengthy but very important. The key to your walking comfort and happy feet starts here.
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  • Wear Proper Socks These are the most often overlooked part of your whole walking experience and are critical to your comfort and enjoyment. Did you know that once you're over 50, the fat pads in your feet have deteriorated significantly. That is what absorbs most of the shock when you walk. You need to make up for that loss with high quality, padded socks.
  • Wear Proper Clothing - Dress for the season, dress in layers and dress for visibility. Take sunscreen, protect your eyes with sunglasses. Wear a hat.

    No need to let a little 'weather' get in your way. Just make sure you have a waterproof jacket and a hat with a brim. Keeps the rain off your glasses!

  • Foot Care - Your 'gear'. Your main walking 'equipment'. Look after them and they'll look after you. It's pretty amazing how few people actually take the time to pamper their own feet. When you discover how much work your poor feet really do, you'll be happy to pamper them a bit. Learn how in our Foot Care section.
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  • Use Proper Walking Technique - One important walking tips that's often ignored! Do it right and your body will thank you! Less pain, more benefit, less stress, more enjoyable walking. Your goal after all is to feel great again. Right? Fine tune your good walking technique here.
  • Drink Water - Your body uses water to help maintain a normal body temperature and cool your muscles. Drink some water before you start and again after you walk. Some people find it helps if they carry water with them too. Test out what works best for you. Oh, and don't forget to 'empty your tank' before you head out on your walk!
  • Motivate Yourself Easier said than done some days we know. Start by looking at your goal in Point #1. Think about your health, your family. Your desire to enjoy the journey.

    Take along your favorite music when you walk. Get pumped. Get into the groove!

    Think about rewarding yourself at milestones you set - walk for one month straight, improve your time, whatever works for you then look forward to new shoes, a new pedometer, new walking clothes. Things that can remind you every day of your accomplishments.

    Just a few ideas for you. Need more inspiration? Visit our Daily Motivation page. That should light your jets big time!


Just a few quick tips to help get your mind working. Pick and choose what works for you. Add variety. Have fun but most of all just keep on walking. You'll feel great.

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