Self Motivation Stuff

So what is this self motivation stuff anyway?

You've no doubt heard the term somewhere along the way.

Where do you get it? Is it a button you push? A magic pill? A secret magic formula? Is there a special secret for us 50 Plus'ers?

First the (sort of) easy part.

How Do We Define Motivation?

Most dictionaries tend to say something along these lines:

    "the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way"

    "the general desire or willingness of a
    person to do something"

And self motivation is, by extension, the act of applying those reasons to yourself, by yourself and for yourself.

In other words when you need some giddy up go, it's up to you to provide your own giddy up so you can actually go! No magic pills. No secret formulas. Just you and your own self. Very easy for you.

Here's some simple, everyday self motivation things that can help you find your own 'giddy up go'.

Let's start with some really easy ones. First let's figure out ...

Why You're Here

Being clairvoyant as we are (and you know we all get better at that 'later on'), we'll assume you're here because you are interested in being fit again and you're thinking that it has something to do with walking!

You're right! of course.

Perhaps these ideas can help with your personal self motivation. Help you get your own 'giddy up go' goin'! 

  • you love the outdoors
  • you want to see your grandkids grow up
  • you want to be free of your aches and pains.
  • you really want to enjoy walking again
  • you've had a serious health scare that you definitely do NOT want to experience again
  • you are closer to your family than ever and want to stick around and enjoy them to the max.
  • you finally have lots of time to travel and want to really enjoy it.

Let's get a bit more specific about some ways that can help you with your fitness walking ...

Time To Actualize Your Self Motivation 

OK - time for a little Motivation 101!

You've been around long enough to know that your success in life has everything to do with your attitude. So let's start there and ...

  • grab a daily helping of positive attitude
  • value what you have
  • look forward to what you will get out of this
  • start simply. Be realistic. Be patient. One step at a time.
  • seek out other positive people if you like to exercise with others
  • look for the good in every bump in the road that comes along.
  • follow an exercise program you enjoy. It's perfectly OK to have fun! In fact - we insist!
  • Our Fitness Walking Programs are one great place to start
  • don't think about what you're doing, just DO IT!

Maybe you've your own very special 'thing' that works for you. Feel free to share it with us. It might be just the right thing for some of your fellow readers.

Daily Self Motivation 

Remember your primary reason why you are doing this and add one or more ideas to your arsenal of motivators.


  • Walk just for today. Just get out and do a little bit.
  • Walk with your dog. Did you know that having a pet dog is beneficial to your health too?
  • You want to feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the smell of nature.
  • Listen to the birds. They may even sing to you after they get to know you too!
  • Look closely at things around you as you walk. The birds, the flowers, friendly faces, a new paint job on your neighbor's house, cloud shapes. You can discover new things every day on your walk.
  • Keep track of your walks. On the more challenging days make note of how you felt the day before. Did you try to go further? Faster? Longer? Do a bit of sleuthing.
  • Look at your walking journal. See where you were a few days or weeks ago. Look at where you are today. Do you feel better now? Do you see progress?
  • Remember why you are doing this. Go back and read Benefits of Walking again. There are LOTS of them. too!

NOTE: This list is excerpted from our Daily Motivation Required page. Why not check it out too.

All geared up now? Confident you know enough about this self motivation stuff now? Ready to get started with your own Fitness Walking Programs?

Great stuff! We'll see you over there.

Top Of Self Motiviation

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