Body Mass Index (BMI)
What Is It Anyway?

So what is this BMI thing anyway? Do we 50 Plus'ers need to worry about it? Or are we past 'all that' now?

To answer that, let's just get right to the real simple, elevator version of what it's all about.

Note: If you want to 'dive in' to the topic fully here is a great bit of Body Mass Index info at Wkipedia

Body Mass Index

... in it's most basic form simply compares your height and weight. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It doesn't actually measure percentage of body fat - a common misconception. It is however THE most widely used diagnostic tool to identify weight problems.

A bunch of very smart people gathered data on what the typical weights for different heights of people are. They group the data into 'statistically relevant' averages for underweight, normal, overweight, obese, really obese and really, really obese categories. (They use more formal terms but you get the idea).

Then they make up a chart or table that puts all of this info in one place. The result? It's so easy to use that you can simply and quickly figure out what category you're in.

Body Mass Index & Your Fitness

The facts. Keeping your weight under control is a key part of you keeping fit. Knowing whether or not you have a weight issue is the key.

This is where our Body Mass Index Tool comes in. (right click for your free download).

So the answer to our Body Mass Index question at the top of the page ...

    "Do we 50 Plus'ers need to worry about it?" is

    "You should be aware of it and do what you
    think is best for you".

From there you need to plot your own course. You know you're in control of what happens to you. Not as trim as you should be? Time to take positive action.

For starters you can go right to the beginning and start a little self analysis on our Let's Start Walking page. If you are already doing some walking you're welcome to go straight to our Fitness Walking Programs page and get out there!

Body Mass Index Fun!

Another 'sorta' fun way that we use to get into 'BMI' is with our *Wii Fit Program. We say 'sorta' fun because sometimes when Wii is evaluating you (aka 'the weigh in'), you see the BMI needle racing up the scale and darned if the thing doesn't stop where you think it should. The overall experience though is lots of fun and a much easier way to work on that 'caboose'!

*You can get a more complete picture of this very fun way to help you stay fit and healthy here in a recent newsletter on the Wii Fit phenom.

Your Own Weight Loss Program

Need some good weight loss programs to help you with your weight issues? Visit our friends Cari at Ditch Diets, Live Light and Gail at Easy Weight Loss Tips. They have some excellent advice presented in a very friendly manner. You'll enjoy them for sure.

More BMI Fun To Keep You Going!

Browse and find ways to keep you energized. Have a rewarding journey!

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