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Stay Fit & Have Fun Too This Fall

Ahh - fall! A wonderful time of year if you're lucky enough to live in parts of the world that have fall colours. There's a crispness, an energy and sense of change in the air. A time to enjoy your walks even more. It's a truly beautiful time.

Fall of course also signals that winter is likely not too far behind. For some, that may mean a change in your walking routine or heaven forbid - abandoning your walking routine for awhile in the more inclement weather!

So as promised last month we want to share with you our experiences with the newest software for our Wii System called

Wii Fit Plus!

Yup, we're Wii Fit fans and when we first found out about this new version we got really excited. We've loved and used the original Wii Fit program for almost two years and love it! If you haven't discovered the Wii Phenom yet we encourage you to check it out some of these links.

Wii Fit Plus is great for us older types too because we can do as much or as little as we want, work and play slow, have a blast and some good laughs along the way. Or you can just plain play, have some fun and just accidentally get some good exercise! Bonus!

The new "Plus" version of Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus has added a whole lot more good, fun stuff.

We love the Yoga Exercises, some of the new Training Plus Balance Games and some of the newer 'fun' games that actually give you a real good workout - The Segway Ride, The Bicycle, The Flying Chicken and the Kung Fu Rhythm Dance to name a few.

And for the record, we're not jocks. We don't always jump right in and do 25-30 minutes of this all the time. That could hurt if you're not ready! Some days even the thought of five minutes can be challenging.

With Wii Fit Plus we can sort of sneak up on it and just dabble a bit if we're not ready for the whole meal deal. Some days you just want to do a little bit and some days you feel sorta frisky, so you do some more and work up a real sweat. It's always up to us and how we feel. We're in charge! You understand that we're sure!

No rules, no deadlines, no stern taskmaster looking over your shoulder. Mind you if you take a whole lot of days off, your Wii host might say (via a text message on screen) - ''Wow it's really good to see you again. It's been 35 days since we saw you last. How have you been?'

Our big challenge right now? How do we share this experience with you? It is interactive, three dimensional and something you have to at least see and better still experience for yourself.

Our Sharing Solution?

Find three of the best You Tube videos we could find and let you have at it! Josh- (we can forgive him for his young age does a pretty good job here). Make sure to check out the first one for sure, If you have the time the others really help fill out 'the whole picture'.

Wii Fit Plus Overview (about 6 minutes)

Wii Fit Plus (Training + Games Part 1) (about 10 minutes)

Wii Fit Plus (Training + Games Part 2) (about 9 minutes)

So how cool was that! Josh makes it look real simple and easy - maybe even ca bit silly and really easy. Don't be fooled! Once 'you're there', concentrating and getting into what you see on screen, you'll be amazed at how much of a workout you can get. On the surface it's a game. 'Under the hood' there's been a lot of thought, research and planning put into this.

Just so you don't get the idea this is all just fun and games, you do get to set up your own personal profile - your name, age, height, weight, waist size and so on and Wii keeps a record for you. This makes it easy to follow your progress (and yes - some days your lack of progress!). Another neat thing if you want to is this. You can make your on screen character (called a Mii) look like you or anyone else you wish.

Our Recommendation

We happily recommend this as a really fun and neat way to help stay fit. Check it out! If you can find a store near you with a demo area set up - even better! Give it a try. You can also find the various 'pieces' at the big box stores, gaming stores and other smaller outlets.

Or if you're like us and buy a lot of stuff on line, you can have the Wii Fit Plus Software or the Nintendo Wii Blue Console plus the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board delivered right to your door.

A New Feature on 50 Plus Fitness Walking

Yes, in response to demand from many visitors wondering why we recommend certain brands of walking shoes and where we recommend they can buy them online, we've added this information just for you. Learn our deepest (shoe) secrets here on the ECCO and Keen brands.

Enjoy your fall walking to the max. We look forward to seeing you all again next month!

Your walking partners,

Yoko and Geoff

PS - Hmmm. Maybe you’ve gotten a little fuzzy on why walking is so gosh darn good for you? Drop by our Benefits of Walking page again!

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