"I Use Walking Canes..."

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You know and we know that having to use these things isn't much fun. In fact it's usually a real pain in so many ways - literally and figuratively! Not to mention the frustration and effort it takes to do the simplest things sometimes.

So why would we include people using walking canes in a program to help people walk and feel great again?

Consider this. Did you know that no matter how little you can move, how much it hurts, how slow you move, there are almost always ways that you can improve your own physical abilities?

Surprised? Don't be. Read on!

First a fact or two...

It's been observed over the years that folks with some form of disability tend to become less active. They say to themselves "Well, I'm disabled now. I can't do this or that anymore. It hurts too much. It's easier to not even try to do a lot of things anymore".

Pretty soon you're less active and get used to being less active. Your body adapts to a 'new groove'. Soon that 'groove' becomes a 'rut'. It is all too easy to say 'I use walking canes.'

And be honest. Most days - well it's just easier not to bother with that activity stuff.

Now for the good news.

You've been around long enough that you probably know the human body is truly an amazing thing. No matter how badly we treat it and let it get run it down, it can come back! Maybe not all the way back. But it sure can come back some of the way.

But darn - it doesn't do it by itself. It does need your help. Give it and you a fair chance and you might well be amazed and pleased with yourself. (You just knew there was going to be a catch in here didn't you)!

Onward and ... Forward!

So even if you use walking canes, even if you don't feel great, there are things you can do. Simple things. New little steps each day, little bit by little bit. Wouldn't you like to feel a little stronger, have a bit more strength and energy, feel happier, feel good about yourself?

Maybe you already know what you're supposed to be doing but "just haven't gotten around to it yet". Hmmm - what was it my doctor told me to do again? Darn those 'senior' moments anyway!

All kidding aside - you do have the power!

Whether your success...

...is being able to

  • walk one more step,
  • one more minute,
  • one more block a day or
  • not having to use your walking canes at all (Yeah!)

- that's your own unique success. That's what matters most.

All it takes? Your positive attitude, your daily dose of determination and you...just doing it! It's really that simple.

But first

...before you start any of this you need to:

  • Check with your health 'pro' and let him/her know you want to start a new exercise program. They know your situation best.
  • Ask if any medication you are taking has an effect on the exercise being suggested.
  • Ask for a graded exercise program starting with what you are physically capable of now.
  • See a physiotherapist or exercise 'pro' specializing in midlife clients to develop an exercise program specifically for you that fits your goals and abilities today.
  • get good diet and weight loss advice from your heath 'pro' too.

Why these steps first?

Simple. Your health pros know you best. At this stage there is not a 'one program fits all' if you're walking with a cane. You'll be happiest with your progress when you start with your own unique exercise program that's just right for you.

Your game plan

  • See your health pro and get your unique starting program.
  • Follow that program faithfully! Each day you'll feel a little bit better than you did yesterday. That's a good thing! You WILL improve how you feel!
  • Change over to one of our Fitness Walking Programwhen you're ready.

Feel free to take advantage of the wealth of information on our site any time. The main topics are listed down the left side of this page.

One great place we recommend is our Foot Care. Looking after your feet properly is pretty important to you feeling good too - especially when you use walking canes!

Did you know that almost 70% of people in North America today wear shoes that are not the proper fit? That's pretty painful to even think about!

It's really important to pick the right type of shoe for you, learn how to fit your shoes properly, and how to pick good socks that are right for your walking. We suggest you visit our Choosing Your Best Walking Shoes section to make sure you end up in the 30%.

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