Now you're into the serious stuff - Racewalking! And this means you've already worked your way through the Level 3 Fitness Walking Program and want to extend yourself further. Right?

That's just super. Good for you! Racewalking may just be the thing for you whether being 'speedy' is your thing or not! Read on!

NO WAY you say?

Hang on. Don't walk away just yet! You can enjoy the technique at whatever speed you want! You can have 'the moves' without the 'zoom' if that works for you. Blow your grandkids away with your moves. They'll love it!

And just before you roll over laughing out loud with the thought - you doing that funny 'chicken legs, wildly gyrating hips with flailing arms' thing - check this out.

Race walking actually has evolved into a very fluid, smooth and enjoyable way to walk that actually puts LESS strain on your joints. Regardless of what speed you walk at! And it burns more calories per mile than fitness walking. So you might just want to 'give it a go'.

We've included it here for us 'seasoned types' so you can see what it's all about. See if you might want to 'give it a go'. See if you like it. Besides, why should those young 'uns have all the fun?

And of course with the usual proviso of checking with your health professional before you 'step out'!

First though ...

What Is Race Walking Anyway?

Well, it might surprise you to know it's actually been around for almost 400 years! Back then, English noblemen placed bets on whose footmen was faster - the oldest form of competitiveness! That 'competitiveness' stayed with it for almost 200 years before it evolved and became part of the Olympics 100 years ago in 1908.

Take a look at the Race Walking video to get an idea how to get started.

Wow!  Are you ready to give Race Walking a try?

In some ways, if you have the 'speed' thing in mind, you can almost look at it as Power Walking With RULES! (new window) If not, you still gotta follow those rules at your speed IF you want to say you're racewalking. It's OK though. There's only two rules! And they're not too hard to remember.

The first one is that one foot is always in contact with the ground. Otherwise you're running, not racewalking. So before the rear foot can leave the ground, your forward heel must make contact with the ground. Easier than it sounds. You'll see when you try it out.

The second one may sound a little odd at first. From the time your forward heel touches the ground until it passes under your body, your knee must remain straight. Then your back knee bends and swings forward to take the next step.

Next Steps

If you feel you're ready for it why not give it a try. As with all these new ways of walking, always check with your doctor first and move into it slowly!

And remember to do your Stretching & Warmup Exercises. This is essential for your old bod - especially as we achieve that more 'seasoned' stage of life!

Here is one more excellent resource you might want to visit for more in depth information on Racewalking. It 's the home of the North American Race Walking Foundation. (new window)

We'd love to hear how you make out. Get in touch. We are happy to share your experiences with all our guests. Better still, send us your videos. We all would love to see those too!

Happy 'speeding'! 

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