Power Walking

So you're ready for a big walking challenge - power walking. That's just great.

Congratulations! You've clearly worked hard get this far. Well Done! Just think back to where you started this journey. Be proud of your accomplishments!

Let's start with a quick checklist review. 

You've completed your own Level 3 Fitness Walking Program and are feeling good.

You're ready for a bigger challenge. Some might even call this walking the biggest walking challenge.

And you've been cleared to continue by your health professional.

Great! We knew you could do that!

So What Is It Anyway?

In a nutshell it's just adding the 'power' or 'speed' to your regular walk!

Hmm. Maybe you might want a little more than that? 

OK. The basic power walking technique has you

  • Speeding up your pace when you walk.
  • Shortening your stride a bit (easier to go faster this way).
  • Keeping your arms bent at about a 90 degree angle as you swing them.
  • Aiming for a top speed of roughly 5 mph (8 kph) or about a 12 minute mile (7.5 minute km). That's pretty brisk But you can do it!

Pretty soon you'll be walking circles around the young 'uns out there.

Here's a pretty good video to get you 'in the moment'. 

Just before you get too frisky though ...

... it may be a good idea to build up to a maximum time that works for you. Start by building it into your regular walks. Do short 'power' intervals during your walk. Try doing five minutes at the faster pace the first day. Add a few minutes each day as you get stronger.

Remember to always listen to your body, 

If this tires you too much, then try the faster part every second day until you feel better.

Pretty soon you'll be able to do your whole walk a lot faster. You'll be a real 'power walker'. 

With time you can add variety to your route. Add hills, weights and distance. Revisit the ideas in the Level 3 Fitness Walking to refresh your memory.

Special Important Walking 'Thingies' To Watch

First make sure you walk with your arms relaxed as you swing them. Don't tense them up. Tension can lead to lower back pain problems if you do! Stay loose and stay happy!

Second is you have good shoes and socks - proper type, fit, sole flexibility. You want shoes with good sole flex rather than ones that are too stiff.

IMPORTANT: Your shoes must have enough room in front of the longest toe! - about the thickness of your thumb is good.

If your toes start tingling after some power walking, your shoes are too short! You're cramping your blood circulation! You must fix this!

Revisit 4 Steps To A Successful Shoe Fit if you're not sure and if you have not read up on the importance of excellent socks for this, please visit our Thorlo Socks page. 

Enjoy Yourself!

That's about it. Enjoy yourself and your new found fitness freedom and joy! Isn't it wonderful to be walking and feeling really great again?

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