Trekking the Camino de Santiago

by Teresaa
(Newaygo, MI)

I'm a 48 year old woman. On June 29th I flew to St Jean Pie de Port, France to begin a 560 mile trek West across Spain on the Camino de Santiago. I completed the trail.. and ended up walking on to Finisterre.

The Camino walked me through my whole life..I learned many great lesson...and I met people from all over the world.

I slept in Albergues. - housings for pilgrims. I carried my 20 pound pack for 5 weeks and washed my clothes in the shower with me then hung them to dry. This all felt natural. The pilgrims took care of each other.

It was an amazing journey. I reached the end without one blister but my feet did swell. My Spanish is terrible. I am a deaf women who wears hearing aids but I did not wear them as I walked 18 to 22 miles each day. I walked alone by choice.

One day I had reached the top of a hill where an old church housed pilgrims. A very nice man helped me and was speaking to me. I tried to tell him my ears were no good. He then ran outside of the church and got the Doctor for me. I then showed them my hearing aids and we had a good laugh.

I was treated with the most love and compassion on this journey. The Camino is on my mind every day and my life is different. I've always enjoyed hiking and walking but not 18 to 22 miles EVERY DAY! I continue to walk 12 miles each Sunday morning and a few times stay overnight with some friends. I walk not so much for the body but for the peace of mind. Blessings to all.

Some people read their Bible in Hebrew, some in Greek. I read mine from Mother Earth! I am "She-who-walks-plenty" aka Teresa...Together we are all one.

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by: Gilly costa

Now this is such a wonderful trek spot that I have not yet been able to be a part of. But from people who have been there it is has become very popular among the people too. I hope it would be worth all the hardships followed.

Thank you
by: Angela

Hi Teresa and thank you for your story. I am planning a trip to walk the full length of the Camino next year when I trun 50. I am pleased to read that a woman of my age is capable.
Congratulations on your journey.

Happy Trekking.

Cute last part.
by: Bill Todd-mancillas

Inspirational. Love the last par.

My Graduation Trek
by: Marianne FB


I also walked the Camino de Santiago and I am 10 years older than you. It was my "graduation" present as I had lost 100 lbs in one year.

My trainer and friend, Matthew, was well versed in the Camino and had walked the year before. As my pounds slipped away, I had a yearning for a more meaningful experience, an accomplishment and finally, I was grateful to have the experience. I did not really know what a fantastic experience it would be meeting people from all over the world with so much kindness in their hearts.

It surely seemed that when a fellow pilgrim or myself needed something, it would appear from the gracious heart of another pilgrim most likely that I did not know at all. I learned there were Camino "families" formed, pilgrims who ended up walking together for several day, sharing meals, stories and any supply needed for each other. It was the most amazing experience of my life and I look forward to returning in the near future. I hope God and the Holy Sprit and the Spirit of St James grants me this desire. Somehow I know it will happen.

Buen Camino!

Well Done Teresaa!
by: Yoko & Geoff

What a great story Teresaa. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. That is quite an accomplishment.

Stay well and keep walking!

by: Bob

What a great story of a great walk, more than a great walk, an uplifting "spiritual" experience! I sometimes get in a "zone" when I go for a longer walk now and then, 6-8 miles or so. I normally walk 3 miles a day for fitness, but now and then, to clear the mind, get out the cobwebs, so to speak, a long walk is very theraputic.

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