Power Walking Inside - Self Motivation And Get Energized

by Kimberly
(Greenville, South Carolina)

54 years old and being active all my life began to fade away as I couldn't do my off line business of landscape and design. (older age and bad knees) In 2007 I started working full time out of the house with my online business. (two Web sites now)

I have never been overweight, but could feel the bulge in my middle from sitting at the laptop for 12 plus hours a day.

Motivation in walking or exercising is a key to staying fit and also feeling mentally energized. I started with a CD making up different routines. I then went into a four mile power walk video. Some of the exercises got tough on my knees, so I had to stop. I found one of my Caribbean CDs I had and began to power walk with the music. I now do 45 minutes of this CD right in the comfort of my home, five to six days a week. I also have a visual chart that I mark off each day with a star. Hum, 54 years old and still getting stars.

This Web site provides all of you with some valuable information on staying healthy through walking. Thanks to the both of you for providing this information to your readers. I also think you should write a book.

Great site with great information for us folks over 50.

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Thank You!
by: Geoff

Kimberly - thanks so much for sharing your story. It is great to hear even more experiences like yours and to know you are finding our site of value to you.

Great good health and fitness to you

Gold Star
by: Bob

You deserve a gold star for your efforts! Keep it up, and always remember that "your greatest wealth is your health." Yes, if Geoff and Yoko should write a book as recommended, I think it would be a best seller, as the information they present is realistic and doable, and I am living proof of that. Best regards to all.

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