Our Turkey Trot Adventure

by Yoko
(British Columbia, Canada)

We were out recently for our daily nordic walk on a perfectly normal and fun winter day. We were just minding our own business in a residential neighborhood when we saw these funny patterns in the snow. Looked like 5 straight spokes radiating out in a circular pattern about 8 inches across. Well darned if we didn't come upon a flock of 16 wild turkeys on our walking route!

Those guys are BIG! Their heads came up well above our waists. It was really amusing to watch their determination not to budge or move out of our way. When we made our return leg a little while later, they had moved down the road to another spot, still determined not to move out of our way...they just stared. You can tell they were waiting for one of their flock to make the first move before they all followed their leader.

Interesting, exciting and quite out of the ordinary! But we survived our first 'up close and personal' turkey trot just fine... and chuckled all the way home!

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