Life Is Good

by Bob Couldwell
(Victoria British Columbia Canada)

Dear Members,

It has been 2.5 years since I had a mild stroke while golfing, leaving no side effects.

I was golfing two times a week and I walked the golf course. Being 67 years old at the time, I figured it was time to change my lifestyle.

I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada two blocks from a 650 acres area with many trails and paths. They lead to a 1.5 mile long beach area that I use 5 times per week. I power walk for 1 hour at a pace of 120 steps per minute, getting my heart rate to 100 - 120 beats.

There are also many trails in this area. The main one is called the Galloping Goose trail (I have no idea why they call it that). It is about 40 miles long and used for bike commuting, reacreational riding, walking and horseback riding. It passes through small towns and villages and no motorized vehicles are allowed. So there is no excuses for not staying in shape!

Many happy walking,and hiking days ahead.

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Way To Go!
by: Bob

You live in a beautiful area, and the walking areas you speak of sound fantastic. By powerwalking, you must burn quite a few calories, great for maintaining your proper weight. Congratulations on your committment to fitness and good health. Best regards.

Keep It Up Bob!
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us Bob. Keep up the good work. It is just great how walking can help us all at all stages of life! Hope you are still able to enjoy golf from time to time too.

We are very familiar with your part of the world and love it. We thought our readers might like to know a little bit more about your 'Galloping Goose' Trail so here is a link to help fill in a few gaps!

Galloping Goose Trail

... and here is a brief excerpt to help clear the mystery of the name from that website.

"Dedicated in 1989, the Galloping Goose Trail is named for a gawky and noisy gas rail-car which carried passengers between Victoria and Sooke in the 1920's."

Keep on walking Bob!

('Anonymous' is really Geoff! A slip of the fast finger strikes again :-) )

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