In My Own Backyard...

by David
(San Francisco, CA USA)

I have lived in San Francisco for over 20 years. Most of those years I spent as a morbidly obese man that never really got out to see what was beyond my three bedroom flat.

Three years ago, at the ripe young age of 51, I decided to turn my life around and to get healthy. Eating right and my exercise of choice - walking got me to a 184 pound weight loss. At 381 pounds, I couldn't walk two blocks with out exhaustion and unbearable knee and foot pain.

Today, I walk three miles a day and as a result I am discovering all the hidden beauty in this fantastic city. Hills (and there are many in San Francisco) were once my enemy. Now, I find that the hills and terraced gardens are pure eye candy for me and they keep me motivated on my daily journeys.

I love my walks and now, I love my life!

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Mar 16, 2013
Great story.
by: Dmytro

Nice story, I will vote for you. Hope it will help you to get a prize ))) Good luck.

Jan 29, 2013
Natural Gym
by: Bob (Calif)

Way to go, David! I was raised in San Francisco, and I used to tell people that the City itself was my "natural gym". I used to love walking the terraced steps up to Telegraph Hill, and the many tiered steps from the Embarcadero through Chinatown up to Russian Hill. Your successful weight loss through walking is an inspirtion to all.

Jan 28, 2013
Super Discovery David!
by: Yoko & Geoff

Your Discovery
by: Yoko & Geoff

Thank you David. You have captured the essential joy that we think about walking. You get to see everything around you in a totally new and wonderful way.

And your personal health improvement is wonderful. Good for you! Never a bad idea to have less baggage to haul around the hills of San Francisco.

Enjoy your continuing journey of discovery.

Thank you again for sharing.

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