I walked 26.3 miles with my son

by Mary
(Nashville, TN, USA)

Here we are on the Washington and Old Dominion Trail

Here we are on the Washington and Old Dominion Trail

My son, Tom, and I created our own marathon walk. A few weeks ago we walked from his town of Herndon, VA into Washington DC. We started our walk at 5:45 in the morning (it was dark) and finished 7 hours and 12 minutes later at the Tidal Basin in downtown Washington, DC.

My hubby and my sweet daughter-in-love, Heidi, plus our 3 sweet grandchildren were our support team. They met us along the way bringing water, snacks and band-aids! They even created a race packet for us the evening before including official race numbers (#1 for me and #2 for Tom).

Tom and I were not walking for speed - but still I think we did alright. We talked the whole way and the time zoomed by.

Much of our walk was on a bicycle trail (Washington and Old Dominion) and then as we entered the city we crossed the Potomac River, walked through Georgetown and then into the sights of the Washington mall. We even walked up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

This day was a highlight of my life. I have always loved walking and getting to spend 26.3 miles with Tom was really awesome.

I did not train a lot for this marathon. In fact, just two training days. The first one was 14 miles and the second one was 16 miles. I am in pretty good shape and felt that I could do it. The only thing I "suffered", if you will was a blister on my left foot and a sore toe. Otherwise, I felt really great on the walk and kind of hated to see it end. It was a blast.

So, if you have the desire to walk a marathon, I'd encourage you to give it a try. Not so sure I'd recommend my training plan (or lack thereof), but it sure worked fine for me. I suppose I'm a little wild and crazy, too. I like the idea that it was just the two of us and not an organized race. But it was officially 26.3 miles (we went an extra tenth) as Tom wore his GPS.

Oh my age? Ok, I am 57 :-)

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Great Job!!
by: Patricia

OMG! Awesome Job Mary!!! Thumbs way up!! Congrats on completing your marathon!!!

I love it : )
by: Fabienne Meuleman

Thanks for sharing. I just entered the lottery for the next NY Marathon so have a year to get ready. I see it as a metaphor for the Marathon of Life and I started to train today (gently). One way to celebrate ThanksGiving! I got to see your posting because 63 is a wink/lucky number for me and so your 26.3 naturally appeared on my screen. Congratulations again! I will write soon about my goals and progress. For the physical Marathon as well as the Marathon of life. Find me on facebook or twitter if you would like.

In any event... thank you and happy ThanksGiving!
Congratulations again!


facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fab63
and also: http://www.facebook.com/BodyMindSpiritConnect
twitter: http://twitter.com/fab63_

by: Anonymous

That is awesome!! I am 52 and I am a BBW. I don't mind being a BBW but just wish I was a healthier one. You are an inspiration!!

by: Bob

This is a great accomplishment and an encouragement to us all, to keep walking to maintain health and fitness.

by: Nolan

This is great. The fact that you organized and make it happen is fantastic. And that that you spend the time with someone you cared about. I live in GA not to far from Stone Mountain and can't seem to find a powerwalking partner. Congrats on your wonderful achievement.

by: Geoff

Mary - this is a super accomplishment!

Congratulations to you and your son. That's just great.

It is even more amazing that you prepared with somewhat minimal training. But as you say you were pretty fit to begin with though. Another great reason to look after ourselves all the time.

Well Done!

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