Geoff And Yoko -
You Should Write A Fitness Book!

by Bob

As I have mentioned in another thread, I have made phenomenal progress following your program - Fitness Walking Two - dropping down to my ideal weight, and warding off the onset of diabetes and, as a big plus my blood pressure medication is gradually being reduced. In about a year's time, my doctor says that if I maintain my present weight, I can get off Blood Pressure medication.

So, to say that I enthusiastically recommend your website and walking programs whenever fitness is brought up in conversations, is an understatement!

Your idea of working out two days and then taking one day off is a diamond in the rough idea! It keeps a person energized and enjoying working out. If you work out every day, over time you will overtrain and possibly injure yourself.

Folks over 50 especially, should adhere to Geoff and Yoko's advice, as it makes more sense than many of the so-called "fitness gurus" out there with all their books with "special" or "secret" workout programs that are mainly just marketing fluff to make a quick buck.

Many of these "gurus" advocate working out every day, "no pain, no gain", train light one day, heavy the next, but every day, etc. These may sound good, but are not very practical when you try to put their ideas into practice.

I know, because over my lifetime, I have tried most of them! This is why I wholeheartedly recommend this website and its programs to everyone, as the ideas presented are practical and doable, very realistic, not "pie in the sky" like many of the ideas presented by the "fitness gurus" in their quest to sell their books.

In summation, I think that Geoff and Yoko should write a Fitness Walking After Fifty book. I think it would be well received and would do a lot of people a lot of good.

I wish both of you success in every thing you do, and I hope you are enjoying your new retirement home.

Best regards, Bob

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You Should Write A Fitness Book!

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Walking Rocks - and I've lost about 25 lbs too
by: Anonymous

Okay, I could remain anonymous but then some of you would find out that Yoko is my aunt and my cover would be blown! I am a workaholic and sit every day, sometimes for up to 10 hours, at my computer. This past year, I started walking - city walking admittedly - but walking in my riverside city is more than a stroll in the park. I started out panting and huffing up and down the hills, taking the same route each day. In just over 6 months, my 1 1/2 hour walk has turned into a 45 minute one - and I've taken almost 5" off my waistline. Better yet, my back doesn't ache and neither does the backs of my legs - and I can breath properly again when I thought I had a touch of asthma or allergies :)
I'm even considering 'jogging' as an activity - perhaps a goal for next year when I turn 50?!
Ruby from New Westminster BC

What A Beautfil Gift!
by: Yoko & Geoff

Bob - thank you so much for your latest submission. We cannot think of a more fitting and wonderful gift to receive - especially at this time of year.

Your success is our greatest reward and we thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you also for your idea of the 'book'. We have been thinking of perhaps compiling things like the Fitness Programs into a downloadable e-book that may make it more convenient for folks to look at. Maybe even a line of 50 Plus Fitness Walking For Fogies T-shirts too :)

Continued success and good health Bob.

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