Foot Massage

Ah! The simple pleasures. Your own foot massage! An easy way to relieve tension and stress any time through a good foot rub. Help you feel GOOD!

Hey feet. You here that? You're in for a treat! Yeah!

By the way, we're talking here about basic hand massage of the feet. Feel good stuff. Nothing is quite so powerful as the touch of hands providing a good foot rub. 

Foot reflexology is also a form of foot massage. Some reflexology benefit will happen even from a basic foot rub - especially when you rub the soles of the feet.

Reflexology is considered more a type of health care treatment so we have a separate Foot Reflexology section.

Right here you can learn how to give and receive a good basic foot massage. If you're really FLEXIBLE and very LIMBER you may even be able to give yourself one.

For us? We find having a friend or partner massage your own feet is best. Our really LIMBER days just aren't what they used to be! Something about cabooses and cabooses that have magically moved to the front of the train getting in the way!

As always be safe and double check with your health professional before starting any massage. This is especially important if you have any foot issues - diabetic, arthritic, foot sores, blisters and so on. Be safe!

SPECIAL NOTE: If it's easier for you, why not see a registered massage therapist for your own personal massage? Either way you and your feet will feel much better.

The Basics

Start with some large towels and some type of lubricant. You'll find that a richer cream base lubricant will do a better job with the hardened skin and calluses you sometimes find on your feet.

You can use hand lotions or oils - mineral or baby oil - too. You'll just find that you have to apply them a lot more frequently during the massage.

You can also use lotions or creams that are scented with mint or eucalyptus oil. Pine or other tree oils can also be very refreshing for you too. Some even serve as disinfectants. Bonus!

In fact you can even make your own custom version. Start with an unscented rich cream and make your own personal supply. Just add a few drops of the oil or scent of your choice to the cream and mix in well. Start with a little bit! You can always add a bit more if you like. If you overdue it to begin, you are going to be stuck with a really aromatic room!

Just Before You Start

... make sure you have clean feet! Seems obvious but sometimes in our rush for happy feet we might forget! Besides, you would rather this not be your last massage your friend or partner gives you. Right? Check out Basic Foot Care Tips if you missed it.

Be comfortable whether you're receiving the massage or giving it. In a perfect world you would have the recipient sit or lay down on a massage table with feet supported on the table. You could then work standing at the foot of the table.

No massage table? No problem. A recliner chair can work very well too. Just make sure the person receiving the foot massage has good knee and foot support. The giver can sit comfortably on a stool in front of the seated person.

Time To Get On With It!

Here is a site with an interesting perspective. It uses printed words and pictures. It's called How To Give A Foot Massage at wikiHow.

Variations and Alternatives

As you can imagine, there's an almost endless supply of massage therapy techniques for your feet these days. These include Chinese and Thai massage; erotic, sensual and orgasmic massage; shiatsu massage; reflexology massage. The list is pretty long and growing!

And when it comes to foot massage equipment? Wow! The marketplace is just chock full of foot massage machines and devices that do all kinds of things. Electronic devices, heat devices, vibrating devices. An endless and at times a somewhat mind numbing variety!

And as promised when we discover really high quality people that can help you with products and service, we let you know.

Let us know about your experiences and preferences. We would love to share. Help us help others too! 

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