Foot Bath, Foot Spa, Foot Pampering

Hand maidens! Man-servants on bended knee! Exotic oils! Foot Bath! Foot Pampering! Delightful pleasures all!

Doesn't it all sound wonderful?

If you're like us though, you're probably just a little short on hand maidens and man-servants at the moment but ...

Why Would You Want A Bath For Your Feet Anyway?

Think about it.

Your feet work hard for you every single day! They take all kinds of abuse. Yet they get just about the least attention of any part of your body.

You probably spend a lot more time shampooing and conditioners your hair or putting all kinds of fancy soaps and lotions on your body but your feet? Heck, they're lucky to get a 10 second swipe of the cloth when you bathe!

Consider that your feet ...

  • have over 250,000 sweat glands each.
  • are your primary mode of transportation.
  • carry literally tons of weight each day.

(For example if you weigh 150 pounds and are on your feet two hours a day, your feet have carried the equivalent of about 810 TONS of weight).

Do you think it might be a good idea to pamper those hard working old feet of yours a bit? We sure do!

Your Basic Foot Bath

When you treat yourself to a foot bath it's all about warm water, cleansing, therapeutic benefit, reducing the risk of foot infection and removing foot odors. All of which contribute to your good foot health!

You're taking advantage of 'hydrotherapy' and 'hydrothermal therapy' - really just fancy words for warm water therapy. These are very traditional methods of foot and body treatment used in many cultures over the centuries. The Ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Japanese are just a few of those cultures.

You can easily find a nice comfy chair, keep some towels handy, soak your feet in lukewarm to warm soapy water for 15-20 minutes in a foot basin. You can use a mild soap, antibacterial soap or even a drop or two of liquid dishwashing soap with skin softener. Voila! Your very own foot bath!

A long handled brush can be helpful - especially if you find it difficult to bend over or stretch as far as you would like. Or you can have someone help with those hard to reach spots when possible! Just don't tell him he's your foot servant!

Rinse and then dry your feet thoroughly - especially between your toes and especially if you're putting shoes on right after your foot spa! Walking in shoes with wet feet is not a great idea! You can also rub on a bit of skin lotion after you're finished.

For some interesting ideas and variations on what to put in your foot bath have a look at the Natural Foot Care page.


Try and avoid Epsom salts. It can cause excessive drying of your skin. Regular salt can provide much of the same refreshing feeling.

Take special caution here, especially for folks with diabetes. Don't have foot baths with salt if you have ANY skin issues on your feet - sores, breaks, wounds, blisters and the like. If you have any doubts at all about your feet, check with your doctor or podiatrist first. Very Important!

One more CAUTION. Don't use very hot water for your foot bath in the hopes of 'killing off' any perceived foot fungi or infections. You'll only run the risk of burning your feet and making things much worse. Lukewarm to warm water works just great!


The number of foot bathing variations in the market place is mind numbing. From a simple basin to hold warm water, to baths with heaters, water jets, pumps, vibrators, bubblers, massage devices and foot rollers. They go from the very basic to the rather exotic to full blown foot detoxification spas (more on this is coming right up).

They range in price from about fifteen to several hundred dollars for the home use products. Some of the more respected names in the basic products are Dr. Scholl's, Conair and HomeMedic.

There are soaps, salts, oils, fragrances of all kinds to tempt you. You can decide what makes you feel better, how much you want to pamper yourself and how much you want to spend. Decide if they add a beneficial value to your foot bath and foot health, beyond making you feel good.

And Finally ... The 'New Kid' On The Block

Here's something we're excited about and have tried - sort of a 'new kid' on the block called…Ionic Foot Bath Detox. Have a look!

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