Be Careful!

by Bob

Walking is the best all around exercise for most people, but we have to be careful. I like to walk outside in the fresh air and sunshine, with and without my dog.

Recently, while walking with my dog, we were attacked from behind by a dog who had gotten loose from its backyard through a side door that had been left open.

It was a big Rottweiler, and he almost killed my Jack Russell dog, Riley, and with me trying to rescue my dog, he attacked me.

Luckily, I only got badly bitten on my hand, and my knees were pretty banged up from being pulled to the pavement. Somehow I managed to get back up and ward off the dog somewhat By this time the owner of the dog appeared and pulled him off. Well, my hand has recovered, and Riley is healthy and lively as ever.

We are in the rainy time of year, and I bought a treadmill to use on rainy, windy, winter days. Last week I was really rolling along, when all of a sudden I took a bad fall, as the belt of the treadmill had broken and threw me asunder! Luckily, I only banged up my knees pretty badly, and suffered small cuts on my hands.

Well, the belt has been replaced, but I am still wary about using the treadmill at present. I await the Spring and Summer ahead with nice warm weather to get back into my nice long walks. I continue to walk when we don't have rainy days, but I am much more careful when and where I walk.

So, in closing, keep up your walking, as it's the best all around exercise, but exercise caution!

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Bob - We're So Happy You Are Still Here!
by: Anonymous

What a couple of harrowing tales you share Bob! We are so glad you are still with us and still walking. And that your Russsell Terrier is OK too. Your turn of phrase "I only got badly bitten ..." or "I only got badly hurt ..." on this or that body part. Comes with age that does!

You are absolutely correct. It always pays to be vigilant.

On your treadmill story it certainly is important to know your machine and practice safety at all times on it. We hope you weren't trying to make a video for our "Swingin' Fogies Dance Craze Contest. We do caution people to make the Old Fogies version of the classic OK Go video we feature there.

For others who may be considering a treadmill, they are wonderful devices BUT they are electro-mechanical devices. Please read over some of Features and Benefits to look for in a treadmill - including a very quick way to stop it if you run into a problem like Bob did,

Thanks so much for sharing Bob.


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