An Update From Bob!

by Bob

I wanted to let you know that I am holding my new healthy weight of 160 pounds, and that my blood pressure medication has been dramaticly reduced. Soon, I hope to be off the meds altogether!

Thanks, once again, Geoff and Yoko, for putting your great walking program together which got me going on the right track to health and fitness. Your program is so realistic and doable, so different from the many "guru" programs on the internet, which are really all about selling their products. I know, for I tried many of them.

I have modified my program somewhat, as I feel so energized now, that I crave daily exercise! Thus, I walk on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday, and Sunday, one hour on the treadmill at a 3.4 MPH pace, changing the elevation between 2.0 and 4.0, which works well for me. At this rate, I train and don't strain, as advised by Charles Atlas.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I do bodyweight calisthenics, 100 total reps each of pushups, situps, deep knee bends, leg raises, side bends, and calf raises, followed by ten minutes of stretching. This part of my program takes about 45 minutes total. I should say that I also do stretches after my walks. This is very important for "us youngsters".

So, to sum up, I put in an hour or less per day devoted to job number one, my health!

I hope you are enjoying your walks in your new locale. Best regards always.


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I Too Agre With You
by: Marylyn(SuperNan)

Hi Bob,

You say...

"So, to sum up, I put in an hour or less per day devoted to job number one, my health!"

and all I can say is this...

"Me Too!"


Bob - You Never Cease To Amaze!
by: Geoff

Thanks so much again for keeping us up to date on your progress Bob. You are truly an inspiration for all of us.

Please just remember to always listen to your body and act accordingly.

At this rate the next thing we might expect to hear from you is that you are a gold medal winner in the Seniors Olympics :-)

Great Stuff

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