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Happy November! The month between the beauty of the fall and the upcoming festive, holiday season. A time when it sometimes becomes sort of hard to keep 'motivated'.

Ah Yes…Motivation

That little energy surge that we all need from time to time has a lot to it. A lot to be understood.

The challenge. How can anyone who has not had a regular walking routine for some time, get back into it? We do have excuses. Every one of us has had a day, a week, a month or years of thinking "Why go back to it now"?

Whatever time lapses we've had, the longer that time span since we last exercised, the more excuses we create. Funny how that works.

That's the easy way out. To just leave things be makes it so easy to just leave things be so it seems.

Our 'Easier' Solution

On the other hand, we think the much easier way is to just grit your teeth and get to it. Get back on the horse so to speak. And funny thing - it does become easier the more we persevere!

We start to see and feel the daily accomplishments. We feel so good because we've had some success. The 'just doing it' tasks become more of a breeze as each day goes by.

Things can and do get out of control for many of us. To help you get back on track, just remember to take whatever the task is and work on it one day at a time and only one day at a time.

Live In The Moment

Make it easy on yourself. Take each day at a pace that works for you. No need to overdo it, hurt yourself and end up making it so hard you are not motivated to do it again. That's not the type of motivation we're talking about.

There may be a bit of pain. If there is, slow down your pace. Just know that with each day of doing just a bit more, it becomes a pleasure and you start to look forward to your next time.

At this stage you've worked hard to accomplish what you set out to do. Remember how easy it was to lose that "feel good and keep fit" routine? Be smart and never let too many days slip by. Make walking a part of your day, every day!

Congratulations!! Now‚..you're on your way back and know how do-able it is to get back to walking. You have learned a lesson that will motivate you to keep on walking. It's the best gift you can give yourself - a well deserved happy and healthy lifestyle.

Need A Little More?

You're welcome to visit our Self Motivation Stuff page too and really 'get into it'.

Need even more? Here is a really great e-book (set of e-books actually) we discovered recently called Kick Your Excuses Goodbye by Rene Godefroy. We hope you find it helpful

A Great Lead

Last month we asked you, our readers, to let us know of other sites that you find interesting and would like to share with all of us. You kindly provided a number of interesting sites and we thank you. We'll be including more of them in future issues.

Here is one we though you would all enjoy right now. Bryan sent us a link to a site called Walk, Jog, Run. This site helps you find trails and paths to enjoy all around the world. Check it out. We think it is really neat. Thanks again Bryan. We appreciate it.

Remember that we continue to ask you for sites you find of value and interest that we can link to so visitors of those sites can enjoy the value of this site.

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Until next month, Happy Walking!

Your walking partners,

Yoko and Geoff

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