The 50Plus Fitness Walker - November 2009

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"Time To Embrace The Season!"

Feature Article

Hope you had a terrific summer and fall with some great walking adventures. And of course we hope you are looking forward to the start of a new season!

November in many parts of the world brings on the winter months with snow for some, and rain for others. No matter what your winter brings why not embrace it with vigour and enjoy it!

First, get yourself ready to keep motivated with your walking program.

You've worked very hard to get here and you're not ready to give up feeling great just because of the weather. In fact we recently transplanted Canucks actually love winter a lot and will miss it as we enjoy our first winter in the Andes.

We have always stressed "safety" as the key focus to bring good results to your walking program.

Remember to be visible at all times. You might want to do your walks during daylight when possible. Use reflective or light colored clothing when walking in the dark and always carry a flashlight. Always face oncoming traffic. Stay on pathway whenever available.

Get started by going back to the basic. Stick to your fitness walking program to be strong and balanced. With a little help from proper equipment, you should be able to walk through this winter season with great results.

If you find that walking outside through winter condition is not your cup of tea, there are other ways to continue with your walking program.

Mall walking is very popular in many communities. Many walking groups find this a very safe way for people to walk - especially those who are not comfortable walking in slippery conditions.

Community walking clubs also have facilities for walking indoors during the winter months. Many health clubs encourage people to use their treadmill and exercise equipment to help keep fit without needing to face the weather. You can check out some good ideas about using treadmills or perhaps even owning one on our Walking On Tread Mills page. Check out the cool video too. We would really love to see some fellow fogeys come up with their own cool treadmill video. Why should the kiddies have all the fun?

If you feel you want to enjoy the challenging weather, all the better. It is so wonderful to see the beautiful blue sky with glistening snow. It really is a sight to behold. You might find some helpful info here on our Winter Wonderland Walking page too. Make sure to use proper footwear for winter walking

If it's rainy in the area that you walk, you should be aware that appropriate rain gear and shoes with proper traction are worn for proper support and comfort. Check out our general information page on Walking Shoes here and follow it up with a bit of a read on Water Shoes a bit of a way down this page.

The main focus is to stay on track. Keep yourself ahead of the game by being active throughout the next few months. You'll be that much ahead going into the spring and summer walking next year.

Share Your Story Too

Feel free to share your experiences too. Just visit our Walking Stories page and share your stories. They are all interesting and most welcome!

Tip Of The Month

It's only weather! Embrace it, revel in it and love it! Life is just too darn short to do otherwise!

Your walking partners,

Yoko and Geoff

PS - Hmmm. Maybe you’ve gotten a little fuzzy on why walking is so gosh darn good for you? Drop by our Benefits of Walking page again!

PPS - Remember that we welcome your walking stories, hiking tales and tall tales too! Share yours with us, be published on your very own web page and maybe even win some neat prizes!

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