Hi <>. This month we want to help focus on your progress and set new goals for this year.

Paying Attention To YOUR Walking Progress

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With spring in the air it's a good time to take stock. You've come a long way since last spring. Maybe you're thinking of 'going the distance' and participating in a senior's marathon.

If that is a bit too ambitious at the moment, perhaps you're looking at taking your walking to the next level and joining a local group to fund raise for a good cause.

It's time to take a good look at the progress you've made. Are you where you want to be?

If you're not quite there yet, don't give up! It's not really that hard to persevere and make that progress. No matter where you're at today, look at it as a new beginning point.

One good way to be sure you're making progress is to pay attention to a few simple things. Focus on the distance you walk each time, how long you are walking each day, what your endurance is - do you feel energized, drained or 'in between' at the end of your walk? Is your motivation still there?

A Dedicated Program

For starters, if it's been a while since you visited our programs you might want to refresh your memory here. By now you're most likely doing our Level 2 or Level 3 Walking Programs.

Refocus, pick your program and pursue it with diligence.

And to help you keep track here is one recommendation for a good pedometer with built in health software from Omron. We know there are a gazillion pedometers out there and this is only one. It has received very high marks from a very high majority of users - over 85% of users give it top marks! And as a bonus it is on sale for almost 50% OFF.

Check out the Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Advanced Omron Health Management Software available from Amazon. It has a sort of sneaky feature that zeros the steps at midnight so you don't 'accidentally add the steps from the previous day!

This one - Fitness Walking for Dummies - can help put more 'spring' into your spring time step and a smile on your face too! Enjoy this light hearted but always helpful and entertaining look at our favourite passion.

These products are all available from Amazon, one of the most trusted names in online product sales. When you follow the links you will also discover many more choices in each category along the way,

Your FREE WEEKLY Walking Journal

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This month you can be on your way with our FREE, simple and easy to use Weekly Walking Journal. This is designed for you to keep on your computer, on your fridge or wherever is convenient.

A Walking Journal is a great way to keep track of when you walk, and if you choose to use your very own pedometer - a way to keep track of the number of steps you take each day.

Keep track of your distance and calculate your speed or waling pace. And feel free to keep track of any miscellaneous info that will help you remember what you need to do the next day to keep you on track with your walking goals.

You can download your FREE Weekly Walking Journal HERE.

NEW At 50 Plus Fitness Walking This Month!

Why not visit our new and updated Benefits Of Walking page if you haven't been for awhile. There are a number of great media references that have been added - books, CD's and downloadable information files. There may be something of special value for you there.

Next Month - A NEW Feature

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Just get in touch with us here and we will pick one question for the next newsletter and also add all your great questions to our upcoming new section of the same name.

Enjoy stepping out on your new season with new goals in mind. And remember - TRACK YOUR PROGRESS!

Happy Walking!

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