Hi <>. It's summer time! Some walking program ideas for people on the go.

(Editor's Note: Yes, this is the REAL issue for this month. Colour us suitably embarrassed! Pardon our OOPS last week when this edition 'got away from us' a little early. We hope you enjoy it).

Summer Walking For People On The Go!

Well finally, here we are! Heading into summer, family fun time, vacation time, R & R time with loved ones.

3 Generations Walking

You didn't think we'd let you forget about your walking progam for the summer now did you? Even when you're away from home, you can easily keep up with your walking program wherever you are. Maybe even encourage those you're visiting with to give it a try too.

The simple pleasures of a family walk. Walking in a new area while you're on holiday. Activities like these can help bring you closer together. An added bonus is that even though you're on vacations when the old wallet tends to take a hit, this vacation activity is always free!

Summer Walking Program Ideas, Hints & Tips

  • Make a trip to a community sports centre for some information on special event walking in the area.
  • Walk or hike in a group. Malls, community centers, and *online searches are all good ways to find someone who's familiar with the local territory if it's out of your comfort zone. It's always a good idea to at least know about some of the hazards or surprises you might find along the way.
    • *Search for things like "walking + the town". "walking clubs + the town", "charity fund raisers + the town" and major annual events such as Cancer Awareness, Heart Health and the like. Just include again the name of the area you are in. There are always events of this type that may also include 'walk, run. jog, wheel chair' and so on. Great way to meet folks from the area too

  • Pick the right shoes that will provide support and comfort for the type of walk or hike you're planning on.
  • Women Mountain Walking

  • If you're going to higher elevations, make sure you have extra clothing, hat and gloves as the temperature may cool faster than you think!

  • Wear comfortable socks to keep your feet dry and warm. Don’t forget to take an extra pair in case you have to walk through wet areas, creeks, and in the high country - patches of melting snow.
  • Take care to take some trail mix and fruit if you plan to walk for a few hours. You may need something to help you get some energy if you become tired.
  • Make sure you have an adequate amount of water. It's wise to keep well hydrated. Make sure you don’t become weary and lose your footing. This happens to many people, especially at the end of your walking or hiking trip. This is exactly when Geoff slipped and tore his quad tendon. Not fun!
  • If you are walking or hiking under clear skies, even for a short time, take a moment to put on your sunscreen. Make this a habit and keep ahead of the sun. This way you don't have to think about it, especially in the summer.
  • Insect repellents tucked into your pack is always a good idea. Used it as needed. A spray bottle saves a lot of hassles for applying quickly when needed.

And as always, you know we welcome your stories so do make notes of your new adventures and share them with us.

Summer Program You Can Do From Your Chair

How cool is that? Exercise from your chair! (We're here to help :-))

For those who just want to sit and enjoy the fresh summer air, there are ways to enjoy fitness whether you're close to home or on vacation. Find a place in the park and just watch the world go by AND and still get the benefit of exercising and being outdoors. Just check out our Chair Exercises and renew your energy for good health.

Enjoying the outdoors is not just for walkers and hikers. Everyone can enjoy the great outdoors. Check out this site. to see what many people in power wheelchairs are doing for their own unique form of fitness activities.

Just a few thoughts for now. Have a terrific summer enjoying your vacation together with friends and family. It's a real fun way to keep fit and healthy!

See you all in the fall. We're off for our own family vacation fitness adventure this summer.

All the best,

Your partners in walking,

Yoko & Geoff