Hi <>, this month we encourage you to pay attention to your feet despite all the 'fun' weather some of us are 'enjoying'!

Your Foot Care!

This month let's talk a bit about the other important piece of walking equipment (after walking shoes of course) and that's your feet and their proper care and feeding.

Now is the time to take special care to really look after your feet and pamper them. It's really important to keep them from becoming dry and achy.

In the winter months especially, when we dress for warmth, we tend to think only of keeping our feet warm with heavy socks and shoes. Now admit it. Do you sometimes forget to even look at your feet, let alone give your feet a daily wash? It's really an easy thing to do when you're more interested in just getting comfortable after you get back inside and get your winter clothes and boots off.

Having clean, healthy feet is a must to keep them supple and strong. It's also a good idea to keep your toe nails trimmed too. We know it's a nuisance and how many times have you looked at them as they grew longer but just keep thinking 'next time'. We know those darn toenails sometimes seem a long way away and sorta hard to reach but it's really important to keep them trimmed. This helps you avoid pain when you're walking up or down hills on an incline. If your toe nails are long, it could cause all kinds of problems and make your walk difficult and painful.

Checking your feet regularly and giving them some TLC, especially if you have dry, itchy feet will help make your walking much more enjoyable. Keeping them well hydrated and changing your socks often will keep your feet from unnecessary grief. There's a whole lot more good info on Foot Care on our Foot Care Tips page.

And if the latest blizzard has you sorta house bound why not take a little more time and visit our complete Foot Care section. You can really learn to pamper your feet while you wait to get out on your next walking adventure 'after the blizzard'.

Foot Bath

Ahh - a really nice foot bath. Just the words bring nice warm, comforting thoughts don't they?

What a wonderful way to 'give thanks' to your feet. All you need is a small portable tub or large bowl - anything that will hold warm water - to soak your feet in along with your favourite soaps, oils and fragrances to help keep your feet moist and soft.

This is a fascinating topic that takes up more space than we have here to do it justice. Why not pay a visit to our Foot Spa and Bath page. Choose your favourite way to pamper your feet with regular foot bath sessions.

If you're in a hurry to 'get pampering' right now, you can check out this cross section of foot bath and spa products for yourself. Some of the pampering foot wear here makes for some very cozy and happy feet!

(PS - visit our Why We Recommend Zappos page to discover why we are happy to refer you to them)

Know of some really neat stuff that makes your feet feel really great? Perhaps a book or video you find really helpful? Tell us about them and let us share it with all our visitors. It's fun to share with other folks too and get them going on making foot baths. It's a habit that is soooo soothing!

Until next time.

Your walking partners,

Yoko and Geoff

PS - Getting a little fuzzy on why walking is so gosh darn good for you? Drop by our Benefits of Walking page again!

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