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Hi <>. Start your summer walking season right. Be prepared!.

Summer Walking Adventures!

Ahh. Finally it's summer time! Those warm balmy days are back after the long winter and late spring. At least we sure hope it's warm and dry where you are. Rain seems to be in plentiful supply now in some parts of the world.

It's time to work on your walking plan for the next few months. Along with your regular walks, will you be planning a walking trip? Or maybe a weekend hike into the wilderness? Change is always as good as a rest and it's sure invigorating.

It'll be a lot more fun if you make sure that you're in good shape to take on whatever you feel like doing this summer - walking wise that is :-).

It sure feels good when you have the freedom to choose your activity options because you are in good walking shape. Much better than 'I can only walk as far as the corner store, my legs ache'. You can really enjoy doing your thing whether you walk alone or share your walking time with others this summer.

Take a quick peek at our walking programs if you think a little tuneup might be a good idea!

Planning a walking trip away from your home base? Make sure you have good shoes, strong legs and good balance.

When your shoes are in good shape and you feel good wearing them, it adds that extra bit of spring to your step and you start out on unexplored paths. If you like you can take a peek at some of the new summer shoes before you go.

If Mother Nature is a bit friendly weather challenged you may want to look at some good trail running shoes that are waterproof too!

Wouldn't hurt to use some walking or hiking poles for support as well. They actually increase your workout an amazing amount even though you might think they look pretty harmless 'in the picture'. Give them a try. We love ours!

The whole experience is so much more enjoyable if you can keep away from injuries and work on achieving good health, fitness and energy. Maybe give yourself a little fitness 'tuneup' before you head out.

If you're gong on a walking trip by yourself, plan it out and gauge how challenging you want to make it. Adjust your approach accordingly. Be realistic and keep safety and common sense in mind too.

If you're making a trip with others it would be to your advantage to make sure that everyone knows their limit. You don't want someone agreeing to go just to be part of the group and going way beyond their limit. And of course there is the potential for some delays or problems along the way if weaker walkers have to stop and need help.

Take into consideration the time you're allowing for your trip. It's a good idea to know in advance if there are any obstacles to avoid along the trail. The time and distance to your destination is very important and always remember that if you are on a day trip, you must include the time and distant back to your starting point that has to be completed before nightfall.

Wear appropriate clothing (the old advice of dressing in layers is always a good one) and keep hydrated. Take along a camera and take photos of any "wow" moments you see too. You're always welcome to share your stories and pictures with us and your fellow readers at the end of your summer adventures!

Happy walking to everyone! Have a great summer and enjoy the fabulous great outdoors, walking with nature all around you. It's a great way to get back to building and refuelling yourself with enthusiasm and the great feeling of well being.

See you all in September as we take off for some of our own great walking and hiking trips in Canada and South America.

Hasta luego, amigos.

Yoko & Geoff