Hi <>. Time For Some Summer Reflecfionz.

Summer Walking Reflections.

Welcome to our fall edition of the Fifty Plus Fitness Walker. It's great to be back with you after our summer break.

We hope you all had a great summer of walking. Did you have a new adventure? Something you might like to share with us? Did you discover new places that were pretty neat, different, interesting, amazing?

Here's hoping you did and you're happy and fulfilled after your great summer. And maybe you are getting excited about stepping out in one of the most beautiful times of year in many parts of the world - the autumn!

Great colours, smells, sounds and a little touch of crispness in the air. Adds that extra little spring to your step. But just before we leave this wonderful summer behind lets talk ...

A Bit About Our Summer Trip …

… to the west coast of British Columbia in Canada. It was just grand. Absolutely breathtaking scenery, fantastic weather and lots of family to share quality time with. Being 'walking fit' makes walking time with them so very enriching.

In many coastal towns and cities, there are walking paths along the shores and through wonderful cedar forests. You have so many choices, depending on what you want to see and experience.

When my family and I lived in Vancouver and other coastal cities back in the 1960's, I never really ventured out to the actual coast itself much.

So here I was, given a second chance to discover the sounds, smells of sea air, the beauty and the forces of nature. Explore places like Gibson's, Sechelt, the Sunshine Coast, Skookumchuck Provincial Park and more.

As I walked along the shoreline I saw some incredibly beautiful rocks under my feet. I had to stop and study the various formations of highly polished treasures gleaming in the sunlight.

I really just get blown away, when I think of all life's discoveries that are possible just by walking, observing, thinking and feeling all that nature has put in front of you. Being fit, being able to walk and experience life is truly grand.

This is how I look at the world and centre myself. I give thanks for the choices I make each and every day to enrich my life.

In a way, it is walking meditation of sorts.

Next Month…

... it will be time to really get back into the walking groove. Be sure and read a special report on a new shoe we tested out that has been invented by two American doctors because they didn't think any other shoes 'do it right'. It's an interesting story. Don't miss it!.

Happy Walking!

Your Walking Partners

Yoko & Geoff