Hi <>. This month a word about Self Motivation.

Self Motivation

We can never over stress the importance of motivation to keep us going as we work towards our aspirations and goals.

It's the 'juice' that keeps us on track and helps make our goals easier to attain. With daily motivational practice, it becomes effortless and a delight to achieve our goals.

It's a totally different tune you hear when you get off track. It's hard to get back on track without having that motivational 'juice' driving you. Do you find yourself making excuses? Do you find it's hard to keep focused on the benefits of what you're doing at the moment?

You might find yourself slipping out of your routine, but with a good attitude why not just get right back in there without the fuss and guilt of the past?

You know what me mean, right? How easy is it to say "I'll start again tomorrow"? Why not just look yourself squarely in the eye and say "I'm going to start again right now. Today"! And besides, remember that old adage that goes "There is no tomorrow. It's always today!"

When it comes to walking, we think it's pretty easy to stay motivated because you see the results right now. Your mood is better, you have more energy and you feel pretty darn good as you see those pounds or kilos falling away. You don't feel guilty like you do when those old excuses keep popping up

Motivation should be a natural and uncomplicated process and with practice, it will be a breeze! Think of the love and laughter that awaits you and others, when you get out there for your daily dose of fitness walking. Make it a habit.

Have a great day today and make it even greater tomorrow

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SPECIAL NOTE: Last month we promised you a feature article on a pretty amazing new shoe in this newsletter. Due to some unavoidable technical issues we have had to defer that until our November Newsletter. Our sincere apologies for this delay.

'Tis The Season For Strolling

Autumn is a great time for visiting and catching up while you're out strolling. We know the cooler weather is just around the corner, but the thought of slowing down to enjoy nature in its harvest time is so rewarding. Truly one of the most beautiful times of the year.

We just celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving. It's a time when we all can give thanks for the important things in our lives. Our family, friends and of course the delicious food that we prepare as we come together to the family table and give thanks.

Don’t forget though - after the feast, get on your feet, get the gang together and go out for a walk. Make walking a part of the gathering to feel thankful and remember that walking helps makes the rest of your year so much more fun and healthy.

Until next month, your walking partners

Yoko & Geofff