The 50Plus Fitness Walker - October 2009

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"We're Back & Raring To Go"

Feature Article

Hola y bienvenido from high in the Andes!

At long last we have completed the big part of our move to Ecuador and finally have an opportunity to get out our next newsletter for you all.

Thank you all for your patience as we went through this transition over the last several months and welcome to all of our new subscribers as well. It is really great to be able to serve you and encourage you to greater fitness.

The Reality Of A Long Move!

… is that despite the best of intentions our schedule and desire to work out and walk got interrupted. Living out of a suitcase and the trunk of your car for over 2 months can sorta cramp your style.

Today we are living examples of 'the cobbler's kids having no shoes'. We have been bad and not kept to our regular walking program and now have to climb back aboard and get in the groove again. We are doing that by following our Fitness Level 2 Program. Except now we have the added challenge of acclimatizing to the altitude (8000 feet or 2800 meters), a new culture and a new lifestyle.

Yup, it is darn hard work but we will do it. And of course we will keep you posted!

One of the joys of the village of 8,000 we live in now, is that almost everyone walks by choice or by necessity. And it can be very sweet.

Today as we rested in the town square we were treated to a mini family 'parade' - a mom walking quickly with one child about 9. A bit further back were two more kids about 6 and 8. Finally pulling up the rear was a really small sister about four holding hands with and almost towing her even smaller brother. He was no more than 18 months old and carried a back pack. They were all happy and laughing as they walked. What a delightfully energizing experience!

(and hidden away in that last paragraph is a nice little hint on how to stay forever young - surround yourself with younger, active kids who walk everywhere and love it!)

A Wonderful Success Story

During our newsletter 'hiatus' we received a very exciting 'testimonial' from a reader in California that is so gosh darn heart warming we just had to share it with you all (with the author's permission of course).

Here is Bob's story!

    "I thought you would like to hear about the great progress I am making following your Fitness Walking 2 program.

    I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic the beginning of May, 2009, and it was a wake up call to me to get myself in better shape. I weighed 211 pounds at the time. I have been following a strict diet, along with doing the Fitness Walking 2 program. As of this writing, July 14, 2009, I am down to 184 pounds, and am feeling great. My target weight of 170 pounds is in reach now, and I await my next glucose fasting test in September.

    I believe I can beat the onset of diabetes by maintaining an intelligent diet and following your excellent program. I am getting in much better shape, knocking out 75 pushups this morning! Not bad for an old codger of 69. Many thanks for your great website. It has really motivated me to realize that our greatest wealth is our health. Best regards. Bob"

Wow! That gives us goosebumps every time we read it Bob. Great work!

(Bob has been in touch a number of times since he wrote this to us, gently suggesting we hurry up and get our next newsletter out because he misses it. We understand Bob and hope this edition helps!)

Share Your Story Too

Your stories are always welcome and can inspire others too. You are most welcome to submit yours on our Walking Stories page. Don't let the title throw you off. We welcome and encourage all of your stories - successes, not-so-successes and everything in between. We all would love to read them. Share YOUR experiences.

Tip Of The Month

A real simple one this time.

"Pick your program and stick with it"

It will pay off. We're getting back on track and hope you are too. Oops you were never off track, it was just us!

Until next time...

Your walking partners,

Yoko and Geoff

PS - Hmmm. Maybe you’ve gotten a little fuzzy on why walking is so gosh darn good for you? Drop by our Benefits of Walking page again!

PPS - Remember that we welcome your walking stories, hiking tales and tall tales too! Share yours with us, be published on your very own web page and maybe even win some neat prizes!

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