Hi <>. Have a look at the brand new OESH Unique Shoes! Amazingly different!

(Yup, and this month we give you the complete story. Thank you for your understanding on our little 'OOPS' last month).

FEATURE: The Revolutionary OESH Unique Shoes!

It's not often that a totally new and different shoe product comes along where the maker claims it is the first one to 'get it right' and everyone else has got it wrong. And seems to have 'the right stuff' to back up the claim. Pretty heady stuff!

Needless to say, I was very curious and interested in trying out these new *OESH shoes during our recent vacation in Canada.

*('SHOE' spelled inside out and upside down - to show that the inventor, Dr. D. Casey Kerrigan, M.D. feels she has done to the shoe industry)

So I did. On the typical wide variety of places i like to walk - walking and scouting about in the forests, walking paths, nature walk ways, and of course urban walking and climbing as we do like to shop and look around.

The most important thing for me is how the shoe performs on all terrains, the comfort and of course the shoe fit on my feet that have been tormented for many years.

I examined the shoes very carefully and found that they were a bit big for me so I wore them with my very cushy Thorlo Socks. (At the moment the smallest shoe size available is a Women's Size 7 and I am a Size 6.5.)

At first just using the socks to correct the size difference, I found that the comfort was not quite what I hoped and my feet overheated after an hour or so. But then I had a 'lightbulb moment' and realized that the insole - being larger than my foot - was not aligning properly with my arch.

So I corrected that by making sure that my heel rested firmly against the heel of the shoe, thus making the arch support fit properly under my very high arches for maximum comfort and support.

The final step to make this work was to correctly tie my laces to do this. You can study some of the various lace tying tricks you can use to compensate for minor fit issues here.

The OESH shoe is designed in such a way that it hugs your feet to enhance the balance, and comfort for walking or light hiking. That little extra adjustment did the trick. Great comfort and no more overheating!

After we returned home to Ecuador, I continued test-walking on cobblestone roads and uneven streets. The more challenging the terrain...the better these shoes performed! And we're talking some pretty rough, uneven cobblestone roads in places!

The innovative design, material and technology used in these shoes all contribute to my enthusiastic decision to give this shoe my high recommendation as a good choice of an all-round performance shoe.

Read a more complete story on this shoe here on our OESH Unique Shoe page. The technology, materials and design are unlike anything we have ever seen.

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Yoko & Geoff