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Take It Up A Notch!

Do you remember a couple of months ago, we encouraged you to find a walking partner among your family, friends and neighbours? And you went out and did that. Right? Great!

How about taking it up another notch now and invite a few friends to form your own walking group?

That's exactly what is happening in our community right now so we thought this month we would share our experience. Perhaps it will help you get something going where you live too.

We're very excited about the start of a new walking club here in our town. It's an extension of a gentlemen's running club called Los Chasquis de Cotacachi. The meaning of Los Chasquis de Cotacachi is "carriers of Cotacachi' which originated during the time of the Incan rulers. Instead of delivering mail they delivered fish by running! Very interesting. It it velieved that it was here that relay races were first ntroduced.

Our walking program will allow people of all ages to participate in walks around the local areas. With the wide range of ages and abilities in this walking group, the plan for the first walk is to go to Plava Chupa, a local waterfall near the downtown.

At the first gathering (after our newsletter is published), the initial plan is to get more information from the participants. What it is that they want to accomplish? Perhaps some may want nature hikes to spot birds and butterflies (of which there are many here). We hope to have many ideas come from the group.

Another important goal for the organizers of this walking club is to focus on encouraging men and women from several culture group in Cotacachi to participate together. Through the passion from these cultural community they hope to introduce the idea of integrating culture and language between one another.

They feel that by walking and talking among all cultural groups, it will bring people closer together and help to understand why we have more things in common than we have differences.

This will be a great opportunity to talk about many things. One that everyone can understand, talk about and practice every day is the importance of what we eat. Keeping well and strong so we can perform at the level we expect of ourselves.

Good eating will help us keep up to the walking and hiking guides and feel energized, fit and healthy!

You Are What You Eat

Just recently we came upon an 80 minute documentary film that can only be described as a game changer. So much so that we just had to share it with you in this newsletter.

The film is called Food Matters and is just incredibly powerful in it's message. We first saw it about 3 weeks ago and have watched it four more times since. It is that powerful a message.

It is all about good nutrition, common sense and the effective use of superfoods, raw foods, vitamins and water. One quote that stands out is this.

"25% of what you eat keeps you alive, 75% of what you eat keeps your doctor alive".

They talk about many illnesses being corrected and reversed, including diabetes, depression, and cancer. Did you know that they actually knew in about 1904 what causes cancer? And by law you are prevented from using a nutritional approach to cure it even though the three permitted solutions do not? Look for some very startling results.

Please do have a look at the trailer for this film here and see for yourself. We cannot do the message justice, It is riveting and exciting!

Until next time!

Your walking partners,

Yoko and Geoff

PS - Getting a little fuzzy on why walking is so gosh darn good for you? Drop by our Benefits of Walking page again!